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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Attention All Readers!

You! Yes you there! The one in the hat. No, not you, the other guy. Yes, you.

"Who? Me?"
I have important news to impart to you: my blog has moved house! *cheers of joy* I have been very vain and decided that my current blog URL, and title for that matter, are not exactly fit for purpose for what I've invariably ended up basing most of my allocated blogging space on.

Pictured: my allocated blogging space.
I mean, srsly, themindofamedic.blogspot.co.uk? For a blog predominantly about horror movies and baking? Sure there are those two medical school survival guides (part three in pre-production, folks), but the URL is just darned misleading; as is the horrific blog title "I should be paying attention to this lecture". Yes I should be, but again not exactly relevant to what I do here.

Pictured: what I do here.
If you happen to have just stumbled across this blog, or have reached this page some time in the distant future and think "ah well, must be dead, let's move on..."; please, don't go! Click the link here, or even here, or the really big one below, to transport yourself to my brand new world of fun and frivolity: The Pop Culture Cynic. The official move will be in a few posts time to give a little overlap for those of you who find change difficult, so I'll re-post this just after Valentine's Day. See you on the other side.

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