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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Meet The List

If there's one thing I should really get round to doing it's writing these posts more than two days in advance, because as soon as anything gets in the way of my writing, then all shit goes to hell or something similar.

However all dogs do definitely go to heaven.
The person that I'm going to use as a scapegoat for my not finishing off the long awaited Film Facts Part 2: The Factening, is Gabe Newell. He founded Valve. Valve runs Steam. Steam has sales. The Steam Christmas Sale had FTL: Faster Than Light on it for under a pound. And now I can't stop playing it.

Upgrade screens: The crystal meth of video games.
This along with my constant tweaking of the blog layout, as you can see by it's now greatly improved sexy sexiness (it's so sexy), and the creation of an unhealthy number of favicons that I intend to cycle through has led to a certain downtime in my usually industrious writing escapades. It's not that I'm saying I was distracted by pretty shiny things but yes, I was. Also by the agonising frustration of being lasered to death by fucking drones for the 60th time. Hours of epic battle followed by my poor spaceship being laser-raped by robots really sucks the time out of your day.

Drones: The malaria-ridden mosquitoes of video gaming.
The other little thing I've been working on is this. That's a cue to click the hyperlink, by the way. If you're allergic to bluey-purple text, just look at the shiny new page bar at the top of the blog and click on the enigmatically titled "The List". Go on; I'll wait.

If you're still having trouble, please ask a parent or teacher to help you.
I've compiled a little list of 50 movies I aim to watch in this fine year of 2014. Not review, mind. These are films that I've either been meaning to watch, had recommended to me by my very select group of cinema confidants (read in a French accent for correct pronunciation), or I happened to stumble across while reading the IMDb Trivia page for Sex and the City or whatever I was doing last night while high on power bar upgrades and cheesy nibbles. Excuse me a moment.

Ah, better. So yes, just letting you know about the list. Each movie comes with it's name, year of release, rating and my interpretation of what it'll be about entirely by looking at its poster and nothing else. Check back regularly to see how many I've managed to watch and also for other little bits on what I've thought of them post-viewing. Now I have lots of things to be doing, very busy, must dash, let yourselves out.

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