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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Proposition

Dear Sir/Madam/Glarflak the Unamenable,

I have been blogging for a good few months now and despite a steady flow of no readers, I continue to do so indefinitely. Your continued, or new, appreciation of my inane brain farts is greatly appreciated and I think it's about time that I ask you what it is that you want from me.

Your boots, your clothes and your firstborn child.
Sure, I could continue watching random shit and licking the keyboard for a bit before posting it, but I feel like you and I, thee and me, we need to build our relationship. Really get to know each other. You never know, one thing might lead to another and all of a sudden... Hee, look at me, getting ahead of myself.

"You can get ahead of me any time... I- I really don't even know how that's even a... and why am I in a car?"
So, in order to strike up a little to a fro between myself, the literary genius, and you, the uneducated masses, I would like your suggestions as to what I should write about. You've got a nice collection of articles to poke through, if you think I should talk about something, review a film, play a game or try out that new type of sex torture with a goat and a stick of chorizo, post in the comments below; you're input is most definitely wanted.

That is all I have to say, really. And the answer is yes, this is also doubling as a convenient excuse not to write anything. You're welcome.



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