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Monday, 2 September 2013

Never Trust A Blogger

Ok, so I lied a little bit. Or at least I didn't hold my end of the bargain. That isn't necessarily lying, right? It's just untrustworthiness.

"You can completely rely on me, I promise."
It turns out that moving into a new flat is not exactly ideal in sticking to a deadline, particularly when your internet hub decides to get itself posted to the wrong address, but now that everything is up and running I can now wholeheartedly issue a late apology for a late (and as yet unfinished) post to you, my beloved readers, who no doubt feel betrayed and ever so slightly disgruntled.

The equivalent of what I have done to you.
On a positive note, though, I can cheerfully announce that I am officially moved in to the new flat, and I think I'm safe in saying that this is going to be a good year. The new carpets and lino have done wonders to the place, it no longer feels quite like a squatter's second home, the toilet no longer looks like it was used as a set in Trainspotting, and with all of my stuff crammed in and the internet now working like a charm, it's starting to feel like home...

Home is where you hang your victims.
Flat posts should be expected imminently, along with a new series of posts helping you eager wee beans start a crash course in medicine. Said posts essentially being a thinly-veiled attempt at pretending to revise while really just getting the opportunity to make terrible biology jokes. You probably won't like it at first, but it'll grow on you. Like cancer.

I was going to be cruel and show a kid with leukaemia, but I couldn't pass up this horrifically informative diagram.
So yes, the next week or so might be a little all over the place as I get into a new routine, but keep the faith, my young padawans, there will be posts eventually!

And on a completely unrelated and utterly shoehorned note, I've decided to plug the new EP by one of my work colleagues from me bar job last month. She's lovely and a pretty gosh darn good music maker what with the strumming and voice noises and such. Have a nosey here or here, even just listen to the previews, and see what you think. I personally don't think it's half bad.

"It's alright." - A glowing review from Ben Thompson, Music Expert

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