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Friday, 28 June 2013


Who am I? Why am I here? Is that blood? These are all question's I'm asking myself but I assume you have some questions too, and seeing as none of you have nuclear mind-reading machines (I'm wearing my tin foil hat just in case anyway), I guess it is my responsibility, nay, my duty, to tell you about myself and why you should be at all interested in this blog and its current ground-breaking single post.

Well if I may begin at the beginning, this is me:

Being me.
My name? Ben "Sex Demon" Thompson. Now I know what you're thinking about the middle name, and yes, ladies (and gents), it is indeed true. Every last bit.

Sent her back into the fiery depths of hell all by myself. After the photo-shoot, mind.
Where am I from? Guid auld Scotland. It's the place just above England, you know, where the queen goes on holiday sometimes. Home of strong, foul tasting booze, crazy nationalists and a cripplingly low average IQ.

Need me to narrow that down a bit more?
What do I do? While I'm waiting for the planning permit for my volcano lair to come through I am studying some course at Dundee University. Medicine or something. Not that important. What is important is that with the advent of this blog, I have yet another wonderful excuse not to study. With it currently being summer and with no resits (thank Cthulhu) on the horizon, I have set my sights on a two month long binge of films, video games, booze and women, mainly the ones you are googling right now after seeing that picture of the Succubus above.

That little guy's face means only one thing...
The only notable endeavours to mention are the ones you will undoubtedly end up reading about on this blog. Those being the possible conception of a text adventure horror game co-written and developed by myself and the lovely Fiona, and the completely separate writing and production of a horror film with the previously mentioned Rhona.

Fiona on the left, Rhona on the- goddamnit, where does she keep going?!
Around about the time of the new semester I shall be moving into a brand, spanking new flat with my lovely roomies, Georgia and Nadine (do I not know any men...? Shit.). What are they like? Well you shall be introduced to them very soon, no doubt; I will keep all you glorious readers informed of the veritable smorgasbord of fun and frolicking that shall undoubtedly occur!

Pictured: My glorious reader.
As for the rest of the goings on on this blog I imagine it shall mainly involve plenty of ramblings involving any aspect of popular culture I see fit to discuss as well as some medical related posts for those of you interested in all of the wonderful ways in which we medics learn how to kill you while you thank us for it.

Keep that needle away from me until I've sorted out the executors of my estate.
There. You know things now. Are you happy? With you and your knowledge. Knowledge only brings misery you know. Yeah. So now you're miserable.

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